Last blast of winter for Scottish Ski Areas

This article was published on on 8th April 2021. The original text is below. Arctic air is in full flow and the prospects of foreign travel have been booted further into the long grass of late summer.  But fresh snow has fallen and, as restrictions on travel within the UK begin to ease, hopeful … Continue reading Last blast of winter for Scottish Ski Areas

Ski-in, Ski-out in Dundee

This article was published on PlanetSKI on 17th February 2021. Click here for the published article: We all recognise that guy skiing through the resort in the evening.  We’ve spotted him on our way to dinner.  We’ve wondered just how lost he must have got to still be on skis at this time, our own kit … Continue reading Ski-in, Ski-out in Dundee

7 Myths About Education Recovery

Some schools in England re-opened this week, shining a spotlight on the questions and anxieties that surround the mammoth task of recovering education. In Scotland, the national Education Recovery Group was established very early so all relevant voices, including those of teachers, employers and parents, could be heard. This has meant that planning has progressed … Continue reading 7 Myths About Education Recovery

It’s time to talk about the new normal for schools

The class of 2020 will never forget their summer without exams. But what seemed unusual last term will pale in comparison with the seismic changes Scottish education is about to witness. The First Minister has announced that physical distancing must remain in place until a vaccine is available. We must re-think – radically, deeply and … Continue reading It’s time to talk about the new normal for schools